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Graffiti you were born wild do not let them tame you

Would you like to feel stronger and more alive in the moment?
Liberate yourself now

Life has you in situations to grow.


Some of these situations may activate re-traumatisation. Where you feel unnerved or are thrown into a negative space which you are unable to get yourself out of easily.


 This is your body and mind telling you that something from the past needs to be acknowledged and released.


To live with increased confidence, resilience and authenticity, get in touch.

Testimonial for low self esteem, low confidence and struggles with weight and guilt.

The 3 RTT sessions with Helen, have profoundly changed my life in ways I couldn't even anticipate. During and after each session, I felt a sense of peace and relief. It was as if a physical burden was being lifted from my body.

What actions are you taking today, that your future self will thank you for?

Choose you, NOW.

Release triggers.
Release past confusion.
Release past neglect, and
Release any cause of trauma.

Rapid Transformational Therapy uses hypnosis to get you relaxed and in a light meditative state.

Go on a
journey to understand how prior experiences in your life, are showing up as triggers, reactions and unwanted behaviours right now

You observe what you say, gain insights and remember the session.

Hypnosis is just greater internal awareness. It is like when you zone out when you drive, listen to people talk, in meditation, watching tv or scrolling on social media.

With less awareness on your critical thinking, you relax and allow for a natural process to take place. Your brain has increased activity in the area's that are connected to the nervous system (fight, flight, freeze response).

The process allows you to let go at an intellectual, emotional and physical level

The best results happen when you are open and listen your meditation as until you experience the changes.

So if you want to STOP:
people pleasing, self criticising, having little to no confidence or self esteem, over eating, over drinking, not exercising, not sleeping enough 

And if you want to START:
being a better version of yourself, speaking up, creating and maintaining boundaries, realising your self worth, have authentic confidence, taking actions and increasing self compassion. 

Start NOW. 

Improve your relationship with yourself. 

Elevate your feelings, and then take actions to create your life.

Graffiti wall be your own revolution so that you choose your goals today

Testimonial for  lifelong issue, of coping with being compared to others, that impacted overall mental health.

Helen took me through a process I had never come across before. It enabled me to overcome the self defeatist attitude. I have overcome that feeling of failure and feel confident about myself now.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing:
the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”


Take the next small step now, and Book a free chat .


Contact me here and together we can transform your thougths and your experiences.

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One step closer to Liberation.

Graffit You were born wild and do not let them tame you
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