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Entrepreneur, Dubai

I had the privilege of working with Helen and I can't express how profoundly she has transformed my life. Before our sessions, I struggled with unresolved trauma that held me back, making me feel like I had to play small in life.

Through her expertise and compassionate guidance, I've experienced a remarkable shift. I no longer carry the weight of my past trauma, and I've shed the limiting belief that I should keep myself hidden. Instead, I've begun showing up for myself in ways I never thought possible.
This newfound confidence has allowed me to break free from the shackles of playing small. As a result, I've expanded my exposure to like-minded individuals, expanded my network, and seen remarkable growth in my business.


I can't thank Helen enough for her incredible support, expertise, and dedication to helping me overcome my trauma. Her work has been a catalyst for my personal and professional transformation, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking positive change in their life.

Sep 2023

Comms Manager, Dubai


Helen has been instrumental in my career growth, guiding me through transformative breakthroughs that have had a profound impact.
I initially sought her services
(in Jan 22) to overcome professional obstacles, and I can confidently say that her approach is nothing short of exceptional. With a unique blend of empathy, insight, and expertise, Helen created a safe space for me to explore my challenges and uncover the root causes holding me back.

Through our sessions, she skillfully employed RTT techniques that helped me reframe limiting beliefs, conquer self-doubt, and tap into my full potential. The results have been astonishing—my confidence has soared, I've achieved career milestones I never thought possible, and my overall well-being has greatly improved.

What sets her apart is her unwavering dedication to their clients' success. Her ability to listen deeply and tailor sessions to address specific needs is remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen to anyone seeking to break through barriers and achieve personal and professional growth.

Sep 2023

Reiki Master, Dubai

I’ve been seeing Helen for the past year for RTT and have had some significant positive shifts in my life. I have had 3 cycles of RTT (since Mar 23) and always feel as though I’m in a very safe and secure space when under Helen’s guidance. Helen is intuitive and practical with how she moves through the session. Her follow up and meditations help ensure success in my journey and are greatly appreciated. I really enjoy doing the meditations daily and can sense the greater awareness that it fosters with consistency.


Witnessing positive shifts towards peaceful communication, as well as getting over my fear of being visible and trusting myself to move into my power have been significant areas of impact. Helen is professional, friendly, caring, and highly experienced in this line of work.


I often refer my reiki/energy healing clients to her when they have subconscious programming that needs attention. It gives me comfort to know the care and service my clients will receive which is why I would never hesitate to recommend her.

Sep 2023

Teacher, Dubai

Before coming to Helen, I tried multiple different therapies over the years, non-which really seem to resolve anything. I definitely felt stuck in cycles of depression and low feelings of self-worth and inadequacy. 


I have had three sessions with Helen and I can honestly say they have changed my life. RTT was so effective for me. I recommend it to my friends all the time because I think everyone should do it. I never really paid much attention to resolving trauma from when I was a child as I didn’t think it was significant, and as it turns out, it was probably the most significant thing that I’ve needed to process and would not have been able to do this using any other therapy format. My feelings of self-worth affected, my relationships, work, and my general belief about my capabilities. Since the three sessions there has been drastic improvement in how I generally operate. I am generally much less triggered, and when I am triggered, it is more controlled and manageable as I have a better understanding of myself. I no longer accept toxic people in my life and I feel free and at peace with myself. I 100% recommend RTT and I am so glad it was referred to me because it has changed my life.

Dec 2022

Director, Dubai


I have had three amazing sessions of RTT with Helen!

I felt it was a very individualistic approach where she combined her wisdom, experience and therapeutic skills to empower me to grow in a powerful uplifting way.


Her vast knowledge, high emotional intelligence, and energy censoring, allowed her, in a trustful and safe manner, to navigate me through the sessions. I was able to recognise and transform traumas, release emotions and limiting beliefs, and now I know myself more profoundly. 

If you are also a corporate professional, willing to work on yourself and positively improve the quality of your life and realise harmonised relationships,


Helen is the right person to turn to in full confidence. The fast and efficient results are guaranteed. It is so liberating and amazing to know that the key for our successful life is within us!

Dec 2022

Entrepreneur, Dubai

I met with Helen to help me overcome the continuous thoughts that would haunt me from my traumatic past and my nagging self-sabotage.


Immediately after the session (Nov 22) I felt relief and as though a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders. During the session Helen was calm and helped navigate chapters from my past that were quite hurtful and this allowed me to push past the pain in the session and close those chapters.


After my session Helen sent over a recording that I listened to religiously for over 4 weeks. The recordings have been nothing but enlightening and has really helped grow and overcome the fears that I was facing and I am now achieving my business goals. 

I would definitely recommend Helen to anyone that is seeking to overcome post trauma anxiety and tackle limiting self beliefs.

Nov 2022

MD, Frankfurt

I had a problem with anger management and self-control when facing everyday challenges. 

I was not making any progress, reading several books and experimenting with talk therapy .


I was then finally referred to Helen by a trusted friend who had a very positive RTT-experience with her.  I had a session with her, and immediately after I felt a huge relief, like an extremely heavy boulder that I have been carrying around for so long has been finally lifted off my shoulders. I was finally able to break the chains tying me to the trigger causing my angry reactions.

Helen ensures the process yields the best results with the least number of sessions necessary. Before the session I received a meditation that I listened to a few times to get familiar with her voice and to get used to meditating. She took the time to listen to me and to understand the challenges I was facing in order to prepare for the actual session. She was very compassionate and gave me the time and space to express my issue without giving me the feeling that she had a toolkit of ready solutions to generic problems and that was very important for me. This built trust and showed me that she has a customized approach truly catering to the specific problem at hand (not a one-medicine-fits-all solution).


The RTT-session itself was unbelievable. I was amazed at how effective it was. It is crucial that one opens themselves up to the process and allows themselves to not be afraid to show emotions. In a nutshell, Helen was able to take me back to a suppressed memory which represented the trigger behind my angry reactions. In a deeply meditative state, she  made me face my demons and resolve the issue right then and there.


I received a custom-made 15-minute meditation, I listen to it everyday and it helps me start my day strong ever single day.  It has now been just over two months (Oct 22) and I’m extremely happy with the results. My wife, kids, friends and family all notice the positive change I went through and it just feels amazing hearing such confirming feedback.


I would recommend Helen and RTT, it is effective and the return on investment has been in my case extremely profitable. Just remember to open yourself up to showing emotions and commit to the process afterwards in order to reach the best results. All the best on your journey of self-development!

Oct 2022

Account Manager, Dubai


I had a problem with the ghost of childhood trauma haunting me, creating an inner narrative that was getting in the way of my success in life. Immediately after the session I felt a sense of relief, and cycle was broken. I felt like I accessed a part of myself that was so deep that it validated that all the thoughts and feelings I had were coming from that past. When I listened to the meditation I was sinking deeper into another a deeper sense of self with visualization and felt reaffirmed by the words spoken to me.

It has now been 3 months since our session (Sep 2022),  I am now a better regulated individual who doesn’t find it as hard to keep a positive outlook and also keep the belief that I deserve better and will achieve it. The catastrophizing has been greatly reduced. 


Helen was calm, empathetic, compassionate, gave me words of encouragement. Guided me during the process of what was happening to show me it was okay and that it was a positive sign. She reassured me throughout the process and explained what my feelings and thoughts and visions were representative of.


The other work I did prior to the session was regular guided meditations addressing specific things like anxiety, higher self, prosperity etc and a bit of therapy and shadow work to map out my current feelings and sense of self and what in my upbringing shaped me and how up to this point. So I was very clear on the area I wanted to resolve with Helen. 

I would recommend RTT because it’s one way to learn more about yourself, in your journey of self, but it is also very therapeutic and can give you answers that you never thought of, because you just don’t have the capability to achieve that depth of awareness on your own. It will also help you achieve a deep inner healing and shift as the therapy goes deep into your subconscious responsibly and addresses memories, experiences that you cannot access with your conscious mind. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to dive deep into their healing, is open to having profound experiences and addressing their inner state in a safe and non judgemental space.

I look forward to more sessions with Helen in the future.

Sep 2022

Partners Manager, Dubai

Before my session with Helen I found it difficult to take action in some areas of my life and had a lot of anxiety around my relationship.


During the session I gained clarity that my procrastination and anxiety came from  my younger self and a part of me that really didn’t believe that I was enough or deserving, and who had an inner overpowering need to reach perfection. Immediately after my session (May 2022) I felt a sense of relief and an understanding that I had not been able to feel from other regular meditation and personal development work. During the hypnosis I felt like I was going so deep into my mind, it’s hard to explain in words & I poured out so many pent up emotions. I felt safe with Helen and was able to release the past comfortably.


Soon after my session I signed up for a postgrad course which I had been procrastinating with for a while and six months later, I’ve finished. I also took action to record a song I’d been procrastinating with, started building the foundations of my business and got some music work too! 

I felt overall that it helped me to overcome my feeling of inadequacy and to believe that I’m enough and deserve success. Thanks very much to Helen, she’s amazing at what she does. I would recommend RTT as it bring you deeper and helps you truly understand and rewrite your thoughts unlike other methods. 

Aug 2022

Finance Director, UK

I wanted to see Helen as I felt that RTT would help to address physical, emotional and psychological issues which were affecting me. After an initial zoom meeting whilst in the UK, I decided to book 6 hours with Helen whilst on holiday in Dubai.


I had many issues: current and past health problems, childhood trauma, family relationships and although I had tried so many things my mind was constantly going back to past events and I knew it was a major contribution to my health problems.


Helen was very gentle, empathetic, compassionate and had a very relaxing voice, guiding me in to past situations, gently asking questions. Immediately after the treatment I felt confident I had made the right decision to have RTT and the meditations Helen provided for me to listen to daily were especially beneficial and empowering.


My son, who was with me in Dubai, saw immediate changes in my outlook and the way I began to set boundaries and how I responded to other peoples' expectations of me.


After 10 months since our sessions (Mar 22), I still continue to listen to the soothing voice of Helen's audio meditation every night.

I would definitely recommend RTT and especially with Helen as she really is invested in you and in ensuring you are receiving each treatment in a safe and effective way and keeps in touch to monitor your progress.

Dec 2022

Assistant Manager, Dubai


I had a problem with my self esteem and confidence when I came to Helen.  Immediately after the session (Oct 2022) I felt relief. It was as if the years of emotional baggage I was carrying around fell off my shoulders. 

When I listened to the meditation I felt at ease, felt as if my brain was being rewired with new positive beliefs. 

It has now been 3 months since our session.  I am now at peace, in control of my emotions and able to stand up for myself if needed, express myself if needed.


I reconnected with the man I liked very much, and now am able to be there in a relationship with my vulnerability, instead of trying to abandon before I get abandoned. 


Helen understood the problem and was very compassionate with me.


Previously I had done psychotherapy sessions worldwide and self-help books, but I never felt the relief as I felt after the RTT session. 

I would recommend RTT because it is a life changing experience. 

Dec 2022

Political Activist, KL

I had a problem with anxiety, self-doubt and feelings of guilt.

Immediately after the session I felt like a load had been lifted off me. Thoughts that were plaguing me, simply disappeared.

The meditation was catered specifically for me and done so well. It further helped me on my journey of forgiveness, acceptance and finding myself. Also the meditation became one of the main reasons I sleep well at night.


It has been 8 months since our sessions (Mar & Apr 2022). I am now finding more ways to meditate and focus my thoughts and energy. 


Helen was compassionate, understanding of the problem/issues, very professional, and easy to talk too. I would recommend RTT for anyone wanting to understand themselves better and overcome issues or stumbling blocks they might face.


What RTT did was revolutionise my worldview of therapy and the power of meditation. 

Sep 2022

Senior Producer, Dubai

I had a problem with self love and being able to have normal relationships with men. I knew it was related to my childhood and I wanted help.


Immediately after the 2 sessions (Feb & Mar 2022) I was shook and I felt an immediate kind of a relief. It was as if I got rid of a big burden that was on my chest and haunting me. Listening to the meditations, sometimes I had dreams about things but overall I was feeling positive and more energetic after doing them. I found love after 4 months after my last session. I never thought this was possible for me, and now it has been 10 months since my last session and I am feeling confident and loved in a healthy way. I also feel that my insecurities with men are not there anymore.

Helen was super understanding and compassionate, her calm voice was soothing and helping me relax and feel safe.


I had been in therapy for 4.5 years before. Learning about RTT and experiencing it, I felt that one session was worth 10 regular therapy sessions but I truly believe we have to be ready to dig into our sub conscience because it makes us go deeper into our fears, the outcome is worth it. RTT help me rewire my brain and I became a better version of myself, so I totally recommend it.

Nov 2022

Senior Analyst, Dubai


I had a problem with feeling anxious and overwhelmed in my day-to-day life.


Helen was incredibly understanding and compassionate, and really took the time to understand my issues. Immediately after the session (Mar 2022), I felt a sense of calm and clarity.

The meditation was very helpful in guiding me to a more relaxed and focused state of mind. It has now been 9 months since our session, and I am now much better able to handle stress and feel more in control of my emotions.

The work I did prior to the session helped me to identify some of the underlying causes of my anxiety, and the RTT process allowed me to address and resolve these issues in a more effective way. I would highly recommend RTT to anyone looking to improve their mental well-being and achieve a greater sense of balance and clarity in their lives.

Nov 2022

Business Transformation Leader, Paris

I used to compare myself with other all the time. This was impacting my personal and work life as I was never happy with my achievements and in general with my life. Helen listened to me and proposed RTT.


Just after each session I felt relieved, like I just stop carrying a lot of luggage from the past!!


We had 3 sessions (for different topics from Jul 21 - Jan 22) and Helen, like a Guru, was able to connect the dots in an amazing way!

After each session I felt supported by Helen, who kept in touch and sent me a meditation for each session that I listened to.


After a year now, I still feel the benefits of the sessions and I feel in peace with myself and others.

Jul 2022

Luxury Assistant

Manager, Dubai

I had 3 RTT sessions with Helen for gaining confidence, abundance and releasing trauma from Mar - Dec 21.
Immediately after each session I felt much lighter and had a clearer vision of my purpose and who I want to become.

It has now been 4 months since our session and I am now a new person - free from limiting believes, confident and abundant in all spheres of my life. I attracted a new job, money and loving people and got rid of any burdens.

Helen was very empathetic and immediately identified traumas and blockages from the past. It was such a liberating experience - I strongly recommend RTT sessions with Helen to every single person.


Interior Designer, Dubai


I had a RTT session 2 months ago (July 2021) with Helen, regarding my fear of being in public and lack of confidence.

Right after the session I felt a lot lighter because we were able identify where this was coming from and able to solve the problem.

 Today I am feeling a lot more comfortable in my body and capable of doing many things I wasn’t before, and in the most natural way ever.

Helen is so empathetic, comforting, and understanding. I highly recommend it to everyone who has something holding them back of being where they want to be. I will definitely keep doing more sessions to be the best version of myself.


Marketing Manager, Dubai

I had 2 RTT sessions with Helen for Anxiety, stress and to address my coping mechanisms.


Immediately after each session I felt like a weight had been lifted and I was able to not only pinpoint the issue but Helen’s treatment and technique helped me deal with multiple deep rooted issues and find resolve.


It has now been 1 month since our last session (May 2021) and I am now feeling so much happier and excited for the future.


I recently quit smoking, which with my new mind set, I’m finding less challenging. My outlook on life has changed and negative repeat behaviour has gradually faded away.


Helen was calm, empathetic & understood the problems. She creates a safe space whilst guiding you through the issue.


I would recommend Helen and RTT because it really does work. After struggling alone for 30+ years, after my first session I felt an immediate difference.


Head Chef, Dubai

I had my RTT session with Helen when I was in a very bad space in my life. Negative thoughts I had about myself and just depressed.

Immediately after the session I felt better due to now understanding where it all went wrong in my life.

It has now been 3 months since my session (in May 2021) with Helen, and I am now more conscious of self talk and also have a more positive outlook on life. At that time I was looking for a job, and right after the session I had so many interviews lined up. I found a job I love and really enjoy going out and talking to people. This entire positive shift has happened in my life due to the session I had with her and listening to the meditation recording.


Helen was calm, empathetic and understood my problem.I would highly recommend Helen and RTT to change your life to finding yourself again in this busy life we all get lost in.  Thank you Helen for always following up and taking an interest in my life and helping me get back to my authentic self.


Teacher Development Specialist, Dubai


I first heard about RTT from a practitioner in Dubai and started looking around when I found Helen’s profile online. I got in touch and Helen got back to me in no time. We had a long chat on the phone about what it exactly entailed. What stood out for me directly, was that Helen was truly listening to what I had to say, she was empathetic but also knew when to probe with further questions but was not putting me under any pressure whatsoever to sign up for a session.


I went to see Helen in April 2021 and again, I directly felt at ease in her presence. Even though for me the session was expensive, it was definitely worth the investment. Immediately after the session I felt relieved and so much lighter, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.


After the session, she checked-in every week and provided me with an extra meditation recording which helped me to release even further.  I would highly recommend Helen RTT session(s) if you are looking for an understanding, caring professional who supports you through life’s challenges and gets you on the path to healing in the nicest of ways. All I can say is thanks Helen for showing me the power of RTT and I happily visit you again when I’m ready for the next step!


Digital Associate Manager, Dubai

I had 3 RTT sessions with Helen for different reasons “Anxiety, Pessimism, Fear, low self esteem, etc.” between Jan - Mar 2021. It has now been 2 months since our last session and I am now more confident and calm. I feel strong and capable. 

Immediately after each session I felt lighter and now I am a new person, full of energy, the past no longer has control over me, and that I can take the world with its horns. 

Helen was very professional, caring, empathetic and understanding to my issues, and she didn’t spare any advice or tricks to help me with my issues. 

I would recommend Helen and RTT for anyone who is looking for a rapid change in his/her behaviour.


Business Analyst, Dubai

Mind over Matter' has never been truer for me after completing a RTT session with Helen in Feb 2021. I wanted to focus on consciously making better food choices for myself to become healthier, and understand why I never imposed a 'stop' button for myself despite knowing I was over eating and eating just because I could.

I can honestly say that with only one of her RTT sessions I have been transformed into a newer lighter version of myself, and I am effortlessly losing the emotional weight I never realised I was holding onto. Within 4 months I have now lost 7kgs, without even trying but by allowing my mind to let go of old emotions that no longer serve me. Thank you Helen for this amazing new upgrade!! ❤


Writer Director, NY


I came to Helen for work rooted in low-self esteem and confidence, and also struggles with weight and guilt. We've had 3 RTT sessions, which have profoundly changed my life in ways I couldn't even anticipate. During and after each session, I felt a sense of peace and relief. It was as if a physical burden was being lifted from my body.


The process itself called up memories I wouldn't have thought of but I was able to see clearly how these struggles were rooted in them. This knowledge has helped me to heal in deeper ways and to find so much love, compassion, and acceptance for my younger self, as well as forgiveness for the people and events which negatively impacted me.  


It has now been 2 months since our last session (Feb 2021), and I am now feeling confident in all areas of my life, finding it much easier to speak up for myself and my needs without fear or shame. I've changed the way I speak to myself, rooting it in self-love and recognition of my self-worth. Most of all, I've found so much joy in myself and in the life I am creating. I feel empowered and hopeful, something that felt so impossible in the past.


Helen has been supportive and caring throughout the entire process. She is invested in this work and the healing and positive changes it brings about. It is evident that she cares deeply about helping her clients and it comes through in the results. Having someone who understands and is empathetic to your struggles is just as important as the tools to overcome them and this is Helen.


I would recommend Helen and RTT therapy to anyone struggling with self-esteem, confidence, anxiety, and guilt. RTT has helped me immensely on its own but it has also led to big breakthroughs in cognitive therapy as well. It feels like puzzle pieces are falling into place and by seeing the larger picture, I'm able to forge ahead, feeling healed and more whole. I'm really grateful to have found Helen and her work.


PR Consultant, Dubai

Before the session, I was struggling with sugar and was completely addicted to sweets - I couldn’t stop myself from eating them at least twice a day. Amazingly, after one session with Helen in Jan 2021, I haven’t eaten a single sweet or candy, and that was almost 6 months ago now.

I have a much healthier relationship with food and my health, and I am so grateful to Helen for her help with it all.


I then decided to have a second session, focusing on improving my confidence. Helen's empathetic and encouraging approach made me feel comfortable and safe.


The positive effects of RTT have shown up in all areas of my life, making me feel much stronger and happier. Thank you Helen!


Start Up Founder, Dubai

I had two sessions with Helen (Nov 2020). After each session I felt calm and at ease with the issues we worked through, anxiety and childhood trauma. The meditations after the sessions helped with the overall result.


Helen was kind, empathetic and very understanding. She put me at ease and has always been there for anything that has come up for me to discuss and question.


Photographer, Dubai


It’s a few months now (Nov 2020) since I had 2 sessions with Helen, I had a major health setback and so far it’s helped me immeasurably, especially getting personal follow up from Helen and a recording to listen to that helps keep me on track. It is also surprisingly relaxing and has worked to reduce my anxiety.


I was quite nervous at first, but found Helen to be patient, kind and empathetic to my situation. Within a short time after my first session, I understood a lot more about my health and had a much clearer direction to work with that I am continuing to do. For a personalised session tailored to help change your life, I would suggest trying RTT with Helen.


I have recommended it to several people - even overseas - as a great way to work out any issues they might be experiencing


Financial Advisor, Sydney

I had a lifelong issue, of coping with being compared to others, that impacted on my overall mental health and did not know how to overcome that feeling.


I contacted Helen in April 2020 to assist me in overcoming this self defeatist attitude. We had a session to discuss what I wanted and then we had another session where Helen took me through a process I had never come across before. It enabled me to overcome the self defeatist attitude, I had a practice that for over a month I listened to a recording to constantly remind me of how good I am.


After sincerely practicing what Helen taught me, I have overcome that feeling of failure and feel confident about myself now. It’s a refreshing exercise in my view.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is seeking to find inner peace in themselves.


Growth Marketing Leader, Zagreb

It was difficult for me to ask for help from other people. In everyday life or at work it was always a feeling that I need to do everything by myself to prove that I’m capable.  After my session with Helen I felt immediate relief, old behavioural patterns were cracked and I shaped a new ones. 

It's been 6 month now since our session in March 2020 and I can clearly see the change in my behaviour every day. Immediately after the session I started to practice to ask for help, it was more like a game. Just to try and see what would be the result. I asked my coworker for help on how I can ask for the salary increase and I got pretty good advice and now I have a higher salary. 


The best thing is that I can see how people feel once they are able to help me, they appreciate the fact I include them in my life in this way, giving them the opportunity to do something good for me. This was a big game changer for me.

In her approach Helen is very calm, building the safe environment where one can feel accepted and without judgment. As we have done the session online the focus was on her voice, I could feel her  leading energy to the deepest area of my past and it was very natural, with enough time and space for all my emotions. She is very patient and knowledgeable and this was important to me, I could completely trust her.


MD, Dubai


I have been one of Helen’s clients for over a year. I always enjoyed running and yoga, but I would sabotage myself by eating sugary treats every evening. A perpetual habit that saw the pounds creep on and my weight slowly ballooned. I felt strong and healthy, but my body told a different story.


After each session (last one May 2020) with Helen I felt surprised by some of the things that I hadn’t given a second thought to since childhood, but safe to actually look at them and understand the impact they were having on my adult life.


Helen, is an absolute professional , was gentle and supportive. She’s warm, kind and personable, and makes you feel totally at ease. Her soothing voice was the perfect way to end my busy day, when I’d listen to the recordings of our session.


I’m delighted to say that I’m probably the only person who blossomed during lockdown. I exercised every day and feel so good for it. I’ve stopped the daily sugar treats, and my body and mind are so much better for it. I’ve lost 12kg since my session, and without sounding like a cliché, it wasn’t difficult. I wasn’t on a diet. I never felt like I was going without. I just didn’t feel like I needed to hit the treat drawer. My confidence has rocketed and people have commented on how well I look, but what I’m most grateful for is how I feel. 


HR Director, Dubai

I have suffered from IBS for several years and although I managed to control it fairly well by following the FODMAP diet, from time-to-time in periods of stress and anxiety, the IBS flared up. During one of these recent flare-ups (May 2020) I had a RTT session with Helen.


It is fair to say that even as a very willing participant I was really surprised how Helen managed, through her skills and expertise in RTT, to take me to some very long-forgotten, buried memories. It was clear that these memories demonstrated aspects of my character development and shaped behaviours and beliefs that I carry to this day.


With much insight gained from the session and equipped with a recording to listen to, I now approach life with more confidence and have implemented new behaviours and thought processes which are helping me a lot to better manage stress and anxiety and therefore my IBS related to this is gone. I would thoroughly recommend Helen to other IBS sufferers.  


Entrepreneur, Dubai

I am an ideas generator but I started feeling tired from having those ideas non stop in my head. I had two pains, the fear of losing the opportunity if I did not execute and I have no time for implementation, so all the ideas were in my head 90% of the time.


When I worked with Helen, I realised how big a problem this was for me. I found out the root cause of the “ideas” and fear of loosing my opportunity. 


The session was unexpectedly releasing and revealing and with tears. I went to memories that were long forgotten but Helen managed to dive me deep into my childhood and address and heal those areas. 


Helens voice kept me calm and I trusted her throughout the process. She did not push but guided me to find the answers which each person already has but needs a professional to guide you to.


Helen let me go with a tool, an audio recoding to listen to for 30 days. And she checked in on me. Already 6 months passed since the session in April 2020, I no longer have the pain or headache of trying to force the idea’s into my life. Instead, I wake up calm and with focus, greeting my Beautiful World with a smile which has and is transforming my life with ease.


Business Analyst, Dubai


I completed a personal RTT session with Helen in March 2020, where she spent time initially asking me questions about myself and what I wanted to achieve from the session. She wanted to understand what aspect of my life I wanted to focus on, and what was my end goal. 


During the session Helen created a safe and comfortable environment, where she lead my mind into a relaxed state, and guided me through remembering 3 memories from my childhood to process the feelings I had in those moments in a safe and liberating way.


Allowing me to recognise and address unhelpful feelings I have carried with me for years, reaffirming that version of me is no longer a true reflection of myself today, and that it is right for me to release them so they no longer hold me back in my current life. Personally I released these hidden emotions through tears, helping me feel instantly lighter understanding that those emotions were in fact impacting me in a physical way.


Following that portion of the session of letting go of stagnate, unhelpful energy and beliefs from my mind, Helen worked to rewire my thoughts towards my chosen focus of wanting to move towards establishing my career in a freelance capacity using some of the language I had used in the earlier exploration session. This allowed my mind to reattach itself to helpful beliefs and familiar language, which will help propel me forward in a positive and proactive manner.


Part of the success of the session is the recording shared for you to take away and listen to for at least 21 consecutive days to drive action towards your chosen goals.

Thank you Helen for showing me the power of our minds and the opportunity we have to guide it towards positive action for ourselves for a better balanced and fulfilled life.


Landscape Architect, Dub

I was choosing and attracting romantic partners who would eventually abandon me. After seeing the changes which RTT had on a friends life, I decided to take action..


In our first session, Helen carefully guided me through a process, where for the first time, I was able to understand why and how my childhood experiences were negatively impacting my life. 


This breakthrough experience was deeply emotional for me, but I felt relieved and empowered after receiving a new level of understanding and awareness. Although Helen led me through a process, it felt like I was the commander of my own memory journey. This experience was confirmation that I have all the knowledge and wisdom within myself to heal my own life.


I have had some unfortunate experiences with therapists in the past, so I was quite anxious and sceptical when it comes to exploring therapies. Taking the time to speak to and get to know Helen, gave me the reassurance that I could be vulnerable with her and trust her. She has a calmness about her which provided me with an ease and confidence to do RTT.


I had my first RTT session with Helen 6 months ago (in April 2020). I have found that consistently listening to the recordings which she made for me, has definitely shifted old belief patterns and ways of thinking. I find myself thinking more positively about myself and my relationships. I rarely experience abandonment triggers now I have the awareness and  greater self confidence and worth.

I am truly grateful to Helen for guiding me towards this profound self realisation and healing.

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