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What will happen in the free 20 minute chat?

This chat will allow you to ask any questions about the process and what you might expect. It allows for you to meet me and assess if I am a good fit for you at this time. 

How long is the session?

A typical session is just under 2 hours. 

How many sessions will I need?

Per single problem, allow for one to two sessions. The number of sessions ultimately depends on a combination of the following factors. The number of problems, age, how open and ready you are, if you had a complex childhood, have been on SSRI's for more than 2 years or have specific chronic sleep problems. If you have done prior work and have an intellectual understanding of your problems it is very effective. 

What will happen in a session?

In the session you go into a state of relaxation. While in this state you have a greater awareness of patterns of events in your life. The session incorporates a combination of regression analysis, inner child work, parts therapy and identity work. After the session you will have many realisations and feel lighter. After the session, you will receive a meditation that is personalised just for you. This needs to be listened to for a minimum of 21 days to 40 days.

What is the meditation?

The meditation is unique and specific to you. It contains empowering words which with time allow you to think, feel and act in more constructive ways. Remember, the mind is like a muscle, if you go the gym once you will not be strong, if you go the gym repeatedly you will build strength and momentum. The more consistent you are the better the results.

Listening for 21 to 40 days is a long period of time. Why such a big difference?

Science states a simple habit can be formed in almost 70 days! Not the pop culture myth of 21 days, which may apply to a small group of people. Depending on what you are wanting to change and how much time and money you have now to invest in yourself to build a better life. It all comes down to your progress and what you are willing to accept.

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