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About Me

Compassionate. Growth Orientated. Enabler.

Helen loves to enable people to grow, to help them find inner freedom and peace from their negative thoughts, negative feelings, bad habits and destructive behaviours.


Her passion is to help people get a better understanding of themselves and instil a different way of seeing and experiencing life. A life filled with more peace, compassion, inner-confidence and

self love.  


Helen has led, coached and developed numerous teams over the years. She has worked with individuals individually since June 2020.


She is a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She also has an interest in and has studied Kundalini/Hatha Yoga, Theta Healing, Reiki, and combines these in her work with Clients.  


It all begins in with you.
Your reactions and triggers are yours to change.
How could life be different?




What is yours?

What fascinates me the most is the way that people show up and the stories they tell themselves.


With over 20 years of experience in business, I’ve heard a lot of stories about how and why change cannot happen. in processes and with teams and individuals.


What I also experience is that people want your time. They want to be acknowledged, included, they need to be understood, seen, praised and even if they do not want to admit to it, they need to be challenged to grow. All the things they did not receive when they were young they want.


You have stories and the most important thing about these stories is how they show up in your life experiences, your relationships and your health. Are you content with who you are where you are in life?


To change any aspect of your experience you need to change your story, express your past feelings and create a New Identity. So begin now and book a chat with me.

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